The importance of Jesus’ “signs”, not “miracles”, in John’s Gospel. God’s Love for All!

For John, Jesus’ “signs” were more than just miracles. Jesus’ “signs” pointed people to God, the giver of love, forgiveness, healing, hope, and life! Here are the “signs” Jesus gave us in John’s Gospel: turning water into wine (chapter 2); healing an official’s son (chapter 4); healing a man by a pool (chapter 5); feeding 5,000 (chapter 6); walking on water (chapter 6); healing a man born blind (chapter 9); and raising Lazarus from the dead (chapter 11). Seven signs!

Hmm, the Bible begins with the WORD of God, Jesus, creating everything as “very good” in “7” days. As we know, after those “7” days, maybe on the 8th day, our world became “broken” as we ate the forbidden fruit and brought sin and death into God’s “very good” creation.

In John’s gospel, there is an 8th “sign”. Jesus was raised from the dead (chapter 20) from a garden tomb. Coincidence? I think not. Could this 8th “sign”, Jesus’ resurrection, begin a new week, a new life, inaugurating a new creation, one free from the power of sin and death? I think so!

The purpose for all of Jesus’ “signs” was to point the world to God, to the abundance of God’s love for the world, for all people (John 3:16). I believe, because of Jesus “8th” sign, the world, all people, were forgiven, are loved, and will always be accepted by God.

What if everyone knew the importance of all of Jesus’ “signs”; pointing people to the love God has for them, for all creation? I believe we would live with more peace and hope; striving to live in the “garden” life God created, that, the “sign” of God’s love, Jesus, redeemed.

I welcome your thoughts.

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