The Importance of the Incarnation(s) of God!

Yes, you saw correctly, the incarnations, plural. We know the importance of Jesus being the incarnate Word of God; God becoming flesh, so the world could “see” the “truth” of God, of God’s love for the world (John 1:1-18). Then, throughout His life, Jesus let us “see” that truth by loving, caring, healing, feeding, accepting, welcoming, loving, and forgiving all people. I believe we “saw” Jesus’, God’s love best, from the Cross when He said, “Father, forgive them. For they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) Yes, Jesus being the Incarnate Word of God is very important.

We believe Jesus, God, created everything (John 1:1-5) “out of nothing” (Genesis 1:2), and God said it was all, “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Because God created everything, all of creation, is a part of God; hence, maybe, all creation was the First Incarnation of God. If that is so, God’s kingdom is everywhere. Maybe that is why Jesus spoke often about “God’s kingdom has come near” and “the kingdom of God is like…”. Then, again, as stated above, Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, lived God’s kingdom of love for all.

Then, after His resurrection and before He ascended, Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into His disciples; calling and forming them to be The Church, to continue to help all people “see” God’s kingdom of love in every “thing” and every person. If so, the Church would be the Third Incarnation of God.

As important as it was for Jesus to be the Incarnate Word of God, for all to see and know God’s Love for the world, I like the idea about the possible two other Incarnations of God. I believe it is important for us see the world, as the First Incarnation of God, to know God is a part of everything. That understanding gives us a new and greater aspect on our original calling to be stewards, caretakers, of all creation (Genesis 1:28). As we learn to believe that, then we, The Church, as the Third Incarnation of God, will have a greater sense of urgency to live God’s love.

Why? As we know, our world, needs, more “Incarnational” love, to give us all more hope and peace. As the Incarnate Church of Jesus Christ, what if, we could see, as God sees? What if we could help all people “see” as God’s “sees” everything? I truly believe our world would be more loving and a much better place to live. That is what we strive to teach, preach, and live at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Nashville. Come join us, in-person or online, as we strive to bring God’s “Incarnational” love into our world.

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Solving all the destructive issues of life!

During our Faith-Formation Sunday School Class we discuss many life/faith issues. Today, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, we discussed the very volatile issue of abortion. We discussed both sides. A comment was made, I wish we had the answer to solve the abortion issue and all social issues.

I made the comment, we can, and that is our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ. With our belief in God, as a God of love, for all, with our belief of God knowing and forming us while in the womb (if not knowing us from before the creation of the world), and with our view of all people created in God’s image of love, if we could learn to see people, all people, as God sees everyone, as beloved children, we would not have those destructive issues.

However, we don’t live in utopia. We live in the broken world, we created; a world filled with greed; a world filled with worshiping the unholy trinity of me, myself, and I; all to have power and control over others; causing all the destructive social, political, and religious issues in our lives.

        To prove the truth about our broken world, filled with hate, when Jesus came to teach us God’s love, and lived that love for all, the world, we, murdered Him, so we could maintain our power and control. What did God, Jesus do? God raised Jesus to life again, vindicating His life. What did Jesus do? He did not get even with the world. Jesus continued to love, forgive, teach, heal, feed, welcome and accept the world that crucified Him. Jesus, God, continued to teach us how to love and not hate.

The Beatles had it right in their song, “All you need is love”; so did John Lennon in his song, “Imagine.” If we could learn to live “love”, for all, “imagine” what our lives and world could look like? With all the destructiveness in our world, how can we not?

With our new, “Caring Ministry Vision and Expectation” initiative at St. John’s, we are striving to help us know and live God’s love for all. Come join us as we strive to live God’s love for all. If you have any questions or comments, please click on the comment/no comment button. comment/no comment button.

What Christians are called to do.

Being a Christian vs. Being a Follower of Christ?

I believe that is a very real question. You might think, there is not a difference. Christians, by definition, are followers of Christ, right? If that is so, why do so many Christians either promote, or do not speak out against, the social issues of poverty, homelessness, racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia, gun violence, and a host of way too many other prejudices promoting hate and wall building separation?

As we read the gospel accounts of Jesus, my question is, “When did Jesus, ever, NOT, speak out against ALL social, racial, political, and religious walls of exclusion and hate? Jesus, throughout His ministry, strove to break down ALL walls of separation! At the same time, He always promoted: inclusion, welcoming, accepting, loving, and forgiving of all people. That was best seen on His Cross when Jesus forgave the world - for killing him; “For God so loved the world”, all people!

Unfortunately, it seems hate, exclusion, and wall building sells more, than love. As “followers” of Christ, believing God, Jesus, created all people in God’s image, of love, what could our world look like if we followed Jesus’ example and command to live God’s love for all? As much as it doesn’t “sell”, the time is right, the time is now, to learn and live God’s love for all to bring us all more hope and more peace.

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PENTECOST: THE “Birth” and “Rebirth” of the Church!

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What does “birth” mean? Life? New life? Renewed Life? Yes! When we, our children, or when anyone is born, do we know who and what we are going to be? No! However, God knows. We believe all life was “birthed” by God (Genesis 1 and 2). Hence, all life is a part of God, and all life, will ultimately return to God. Until God’s forever kingdom is “birthed” and given to us, we are called to live our lives, helping everyone know their God-given “birth” status.

God “birthed” the world in love. All of creation lived-in harmonious love. Then, Genesis 3 happened. We forgot our “birth” status. We “birthed” the idea, of us, being God.  And as we know, our world suffered the consequences of “birthing”, and living-in, the hell, we created. What did God do? God began the “birthing” process of a new and renewed life. God came to Adam and Eve, Cain, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb, Rahab, Ruth, David, and all the prophets to help our world know God’s continued love for all.

Then, when the time was right, Jesus was “birthed” into our world. Jesus came to show us what being “birthed” by God means; living a life filled with love! Throughout His life, Jesus lived God’s loved. He welcomed, accepted, fed, healed, and forgave all people: friends, family, and especially His enemies. Why? To give us all a “rebirth”; to give the world a new and renewed life filled with love.

God’s “rebirth” for the world did not end with Jesus’ death. God raised Him, yes, to vindicate His life; more so, for Jesus to continue to live God’s love, which He did. Jesus came to His hiding and scared disciples in their Upper Room of doubt and fear, and gave them a new and renewed “birth” by breathing the promised Holy Spirit into them; helping them to continue to learn, know, and live God’s love.

Then, on that first Christian Pentecost (Acts 2), God breathed the Holy Spirit into our world to continue to give “rebirth” to our world to live God’s love, which people like Peter and Paul and countless others did. That same Pentecost Spirit continues to breathe into our lives today. Why? So, we can learn, know, and live Jesus’ love. Why? So, we can bring God’s “rebirth” to our world. Why? To have God take away the hell we brought, and continue to bring into our world, by partnering with God to bring Jesus’ love, hope, and peace we all so desperately need.

God gave the world “birth” at creation. Ever since our “Fall in the Garden” (and please know it was ‘our’ fall, God never fell out of love for us and the world), God continued to breathe, to give the world a new and renewed “birth.” As we await the “birthing” of God’s kingdom to come, our calling and command is, to help everyone know and live God’s Pentecost “birth” of love. How do we do that? By becoming more involved in learning about God’s love. If you are not currently attending Bible Study or Worship, I encourage you to do so. If you would like to join us in our many Faith-nurturing Bible studies and Worship. Send me an email at: for an invitation to ZOOM with us while we continue to rebuild our Church (go to www.stjohnsnashville,org to see our story).

What if we all learned more about God’s all-inclusive love? How much more peace would our world have? May God’s Pentecost breath of grace give us a “rebirth” to learn, live, and share God’s love for all.

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