The importance of Jesus’ “signs”, not “miracles”, in John’s Gospel. God’s Love for All!

For John, Jesus’ “signs” were more than just miracles. Jesus’ “signs” pointed people to God, the giver of love, forgiveness, healing, hope, and life! Here are the “signs” Jesus gave us in John’s Gospel: turning water into wine (chapter 2); healing an official’s son (chapter 4); healing a man by a pool (chapter 5); feeding 5,000 (chapter 6); walking on water (chapter 6); healing a man born blind (chapter 9); and raising Lazarus from the dead (chapter 11). Seven signs!

Hmm, the Bible begins with the WORD of God, Jesus, creating everything as “very good” in “7” days. As we know, after those “7” days, maybe on the 8th day, our world became “broken” as we ate the forbidden fruit and brought sin and death into God’s “very good” creation.

In John’s gospel, there is an 8th “sign”. Jesus was raised from the dead (chapter 20) from a garden tomb. Coincidence? I think not. Could this 8th “sign”, Jesus’ resurrection, begin a new week, a new life, inaugurating a new creation, one free from the power of sin and death? I think so!

The purpose for all of Jesus’ “signs” was to point the world to God, to the abundance of God’s love for the world, for all people (John 3:16). I believe, because of Jesus “8th” sign, the world, all people, were forgiven, are loved, and will always be accepted by God.

What if everyone knew the importance of all of Jesus’ “signs”; pointing people to the love God has for them, for all creation? I believe we would live with more peace and hope; striving to live in the “garden” life God created, that, the “sign” of God’s love, Jesus, redeemed.

I welcome your thoughts.

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What are your views of God?


What are your views of God? 

All powerful? All knowing? Always present? Distant? Loving? Divisive? Demanding? Compassionate? Vengeful? Retributive? Restorative? Others? I would truly like to know your view(s) of God. I would like to have a conversation about the implications God and faith has on our lives (positive and negative). Not that I have all the answers, I don’t. I simply want us to have a conversation; intending to help us in our lives.

Bible quotes NOT in the Bible

Phrases, Quotes, attributed to being the Bible which aren’t there!

Have you heard the phrase, “If God brought you to it, God will bring you through it!” Many people believe that phrase is in the Bible. Sorry, it isn’t. At first blush, it sounds like a good phrase; God helping us through, whatever, “it” is (usually something difficult or “bad”). That could be true. However, from our ELCA Lutheran beliefs, it could not be farther from the truth. We believe God is NOT the direct cause of any “bad” thing. We believe God is a God of Love, for all. The “bad” things which happen in our lives are caused by our free will to make the choices we make. We believe in a God, who in spite of our “bad” choices, continues to come to us, to bring us through them, with forgiveness and love. We believe that is clearly seen throughout scripture; yes, Old and New Testaments. Our belief is best seen on the Cross of Jesus Christ who forgave the world, for our really “bad” choice to kill God’s Son, and, God brought us through “it” by God’s amazing grace and love for us, for all people. I welcome your comments……

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The Importance of Advent

Advent: the time of the Church Year when we remember the birth of God in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Advent is the time when we remember Jesus’ birth, in that manger, a feeding trough, who came to “feed” the world with God’s love; which Jesus did throughout His life, especially on His Cross. Advent is also about expectantly looking forward to Jesus coming again as King of kings and Lord of lords, when He will bring the fullness of God’s love to the world, for all people; and, all means all! In the meantime, as disciples of Jesus, The Christ, called, equipped, and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, what can we do to live, share, and “feed” the world with God’s love. How can we partner with God to change our world - to be a world filled with more love? I welcome your thoughts on how we can do that……

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Advent Grace


Advent is the time of the Church year when we remember Jesus coming as an infant in Bethlehem’s manger, a feeding trough, to feed the world with God’s love for all. Advent is also the time we look forward to Jesus coming again as the King of kings and Lord of lords; bringing the fullness of God’s Kingdom of Love, for all. Many people believe when Jesus comes again, there will be hell to pay; saying things like, “You better be ready, or else!” If you have that view, I welcome your thoughts of why, and, the opportunity for me to offer a different view; one of God’s complete love, for all, when He comes at His final Advent. Please leave your comment to help us begin this conversation.