Living Our Promises to God made during the Affirmation of Baptism Service

Living the Affirmation of our Baptism

 During our recent Wednesday Evening Worship gatherings, we had a series of discussions on the promises we make to God during the Service of Affirmation of Baptism. The following six short videos gives an introduction and insights of each promise. As God’s Spirit helps us live those promises, God changes us, to help change our world, by empowering us to live our baptisms, to lives of love for all, giving us all more hope and peace.


Our Promises

·       To live among God’s faithful people,


·       To hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper,


·       To proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed,


·       To serve all people, following the example of Jesus,


·       To strive for justice and peace in all the earth?


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Not Knowing Jesus - The Reason for All the Problems in Our World!

Why does our world have so many problems such as: war, poverty, hunger, starvation, and homelessness? Why does our world have so much racial, social, political, and religious unrest? Why does our country have so much gun violence? Why do we have so much… well, you get the idea; we simply have way too many divisive and destructive problems in our world affecting everyone.

              From my Christian viewpoint, I believe the reason we have all those problems, is, we have forgotten who Jesus was, and what He did, as revealed in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Throughout His three-year ministry, everything Jesus did, was based on love for all. Jesus loved all by going to, welcoming, accepting, loving, and forgiving all people: the sick and dying, the hungry and homeless, the demon possessed, prostitutes, and the untouchables: lepers, bleeding women, religious and social zealots, and tax collectors. Jesus did the same for all marginalized people: women and children, hated foreigners, Roman centurions, and the religious status quo. Not only did Jesus love and forgive them, all, He also made them disciples to continue God’s ministry of love for the world.

              I believe as Christians, we have taken Christ out of Christianity. We have forgotten who Jesus was and what He did. I believe the answer to all of our world’s problems, is, to know and live as Jesus did; loving, caring for, and helping all people. What if we lived God’s love for all as Jesus did?

Being Blessed by God - To Flock to and Follow Jesus!

Jesus’ Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12), the introduction, preamble, to Jesus Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:13-7:29).

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was so popular? Why did thousands of people reach out to Him, to listen to Him, and to follow Him? It could not have been easy for them as they had to follow on foot over dusty roads.

From the beginning of His public “In-person” ministry, Jesus taught that everyone was “blessed” (which is what the Beatitudes speak to). Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, spoke about God’s “blessings” He was bringing to the world, to all people. When that sermon was over, Jesus walked down that mountain - to live the “blessedness” He spoke about. Jesus went “in-person” to meet people where they were. People living in the, brokenness of sin, with little to no hope, and definitely not feeling “blessed” by God and others.

To make a long story short, when all the people who flocked to Jesus during His life, did not want God’s “blessed” status, by not understanding Him, maybe mostly because of hearing, and listening to, the loud religious and secular voices denouncing Him; the world crucified the Beloved and “blessed” Son of God. What did Jesus do? He continued to “bless” them by saying, while being murdered on His Cross, “Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.” That was why so many continued to flock to Jesus after His death and resurrection, because of the witness of Jesus’ disciples. They knew God’s “In-person blessedness” was real.

That is the same “blessing” the “God-In-Person” Jesus continues to bring to our broken world through the gift of God’s Holy Spirit. Why? Because there are way too many negative views about Jesus, God, and religion in general (sadly, and rightfully so, because of the way many people use Jesus, God, and religion to make people feel NOT “blessed”).

You are invited to St. John’s this Sunday to come and hear the “good news” of Jesus, God, and religion which says, unashamedly and unconditionally, you are “blessed!” Why? Because you are a C.O.G./P.O.W. A “Child of God” a “Person of Worth.” Why, again? Because God created and blessed you in “God’s image” of Love, not the world’s image of exclusion and hate. Come join us as we Flock to and Follow Jesus’ way of blessing and love for all.

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Jesus, The Lamb of God, The Light of the World, loves and "believes" in you, in all people; from His wombs, from when we were in our wombs, and forever!

Jesus, “The Lamb of God, who takes away the “sin” of the world.” What is more important, believing in Jesus, in God; or, knowing Jesus, God, believes in us, in the world?

Have you ever thought that Jesus’ “call” came while He was in the womb, before creation? According to Genesis 1:3-5, Jesus was God’s first creative act, The “Light” of the World!” Jesus’ “light” separated the world from darkness (sin, evil). The rest of creation was created “in”, “by”, and “for” the “Light of the World” (John 1:1-5). After each of the first five days of creation God said it was: good After the 6th Day, God said it was very good; especially for people, who were created in God’s image (Gen. 1:27). We believe God’s image is love!

When the world could not, or would not “see” the “light” of God’s love for all of creation, Jesus, went into Mary’s womb, into the womb of humankind, to be born, again, to be God’s Light of World, to shine, to “reveal” God’s original Love for the world; for all people and things (remember Jesus, God, created all and said all was “very good”) as we proudly, and loudly say at St. John’s, “All Means All!”

Throughout His earthly life, Jesus lived the “Light” of God’s love for all, as, The Lamb of God, who came to take away the “sin” of the world. That “sin” (singular) was the darkness of our unbelief. When the world, all people, rejected God’s Light and crucified, murdered The Lamb of God, Jesus, forgave the world. Wow! Jesus, God, still, believed in us, in all people; in spite of all NOT believing in Him. That is God’s amazing “gift” of grace for the world; given to the world!

What if, all people, knew God created, called, believed in them, and loved them, from the womb. What if we all knew and lived God’s love for all? What would our world look like? You are invited to St. John’s this Sunday to learn more about God’s Love for all, given by the Light of the World, The Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ. We are located at 3259 McGavock Pike, Nashville. Our worship time is 9:00am. All are welcome. Here is a ZOOM link for those unable to join us In-person:

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