Jesus, The Lamb of God, The Light of the World, loves and "believes" in you, in all people; from His wombs, from when we were in our wombs, and forever!

Jesus, “The Lamb of God, who takes away the “sin” of the world.” What is more important, believing in Jesus, in God; or, knowing Jesus, God, believes in us, in the world?

Have you ever thought that Jesus’ “call” came while He was in the womb, before creation? According to Genesis 1:3-5, Jesus was God’s first creative act, The “Light” of the World!” Jesus’ “light” separated the world from darkness (sin, evil). The rest of creation was created “in”, “by”, and “for” the “Light of the World” (John 1:1-5). After each of the first five days of creation God said it was: good After the 6th Day, God said it was very good; especially for people, who were created in God’s image (Gen. 1:27). We believe God’s image is love!

When the world could not, or would not “see” the “light” of God’s love for all of creation, Jesus, went into Mary’s womb, into the womb of humankind, to be born, again, to be God’s Light of World, to shine, to “reveal” God’s original Love for the world; for all people and things (remember Jesus, God, created all and said all was “very good”) as we proudly, and loudly say at St. John’s, “All Means All!”

Throughout His earthly life, Jesus lived the “Light” of God’s love for all, as, The Lamb of God, who came to take away the “sin” of the world. That “sin” (singular) was the darkness of our unbelief. When the world, all people, rejected God’s Light and crucified, murdered The Lamb of God, Jesus, forgave the world. Wow! Jesus, God, still, believed in us, in all people; in spite of all NOT believing in Him. That is God’s amazing “gift” of grace for the world; given to the world!

What if, all people, knew God created, called, believed in them, and loved them, from the womb. What if we all knew and lived God’s love for all? What would our world look like? You are invited to St. John’s this Sunday to learn more about God’s Love for all, given by the Light of the World, The Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ. We are located at 3259 McGavock Pike, Nashville. Our worship time is 9:00am. All are welcome. Here is a ZOOM link for those unable to join us In-person:

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