Not Knowing Jesus - The Reason for All the Problems in Our World!

Why does our world have so many problems such as: war, poverty, hunger, starvation, and homelessness? Why does our world have so much racial, social, political, and religious unrest? Why does our country have so much gun violence? Why do we have so much… well, you get the idea; we simply have way too many divisive and destructive problems in our world affecting everyone.

              From my Christian viewpoint, I believe the reason we have all those problems, is, we have forgotten who Jesus was, and what He did, as revealed in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Throughout His three-year ministry, everything Jesus did, was based on love for all. Jesus loved all by going to, welcoming, accepting, loving, and forgiving all people: the sick and dying, the hungry and homeless, the demon possessed, prostitutes, and the untouchables: lepers, bleeding women, religious and social zealots, and tax collectors. Jesus did the same for all marginalized people: women and children, hated foreigners, Roman centurions, and the religious status quo. Not only did Jesus love and forgive them, all, He also made them disciples to continue God’s ministry of love for the world.

              I believe as Christians, we have taken Christ out of Christianity. We have forgotten who Jesus was and what He did. I believe the answer to all of our world’s problems, is, to know and live as Jesus did; loving, caring for, and helping all people. What if we lived God’s love for all as Jesus did?

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